Of September 11, 2001


 It gives me a great pleasure to have read and then write introduction to Healing the wounds of Sept.11 ,2001. Dr. Shahid Athar, a well known physician, must have healed quite a large number of patients physically, but his spiritual healing power has gone beyond borders.  As a prolific writer on Islam and interfaith understanding, his articles, books and notes have been published across countries and continents in many languages.  His voice has been heard and his writings read and relished by people of different faiths and different regions.  This is reflected not only in the number of publications, journals , websites and  magazines carrying his writings across the world, but also in the streams of emails and letters that he receives from all over the globe.

  Shahid Athar has used his eloquence of English language with utmost facility to express his ideas, observations and understanding related to human spirituality and Islamic religious legacy.  God has bestowed him with a special gift to express himself in a very plain and straightforward style.

 The first generation of Muslim scholars and professionals living in America towards the end of the 20th century have discovered that they have a lot to say about their Islamic-American experience.  Very few have taken time to express themselves.  Shahid Athar is among the few who have taken the challenge.  This new literature is uniquely enriching for the American religious heritage. 

 Shahid Athar is a bridge builder whose writings have done a great service in promoting a fresh look at the East-West relationship.  He spoke effectively to many congregations across the country about the pain and anguish felt by Muslims after 9/11.

 We hope and pray that he continues his jihad against hate and bigotry.  We have a great mission, removing the mountains of hate and misunderstanding. Shahid Athar as a dedicated warrior has done a great job at opening the doors of the mind and windows of understanding.

 I am sure, readers will greatly enjoy reading this timely book. I whole heartedly recommend it to all who are interested in Islam and interfaith understanding from the perspective of an American Muslim in the light of the tragedy of Sept.11, 2001. 

                                                                              Saiyyed M. Syeed. Phd.

                                                                   Secretary General of the

                                                                              Islamic Society of North America

                                                                              Plainfield , Indiana ,U.S.A.

                                                                              July , 3 , 2003.


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