“Healing the Wounds of September 11, 2001”

(Reflections of an American Muslim)


Shahid Athar, MD

1st Books Library (, October 2003

132 pages, paperback, $10.25 + S&H

   ISBN 1-4107-8482-7 (1-888-280-771)



September 11, 2001, will always be remembered as a turning point in history when a nation and the world were attacked and a religion was hijacked.  Over 3000 innocent civilians died in a matter of a few hours.  The events not only caused deep wounds for the friends and relatives of the victims, but also for a proud nation as well as for the members of the faith of the alleged hijackers who lost several hundred of their own in the World Trade Center destruction. 

Dr. Shahid Athar, a physician and a leader in interfaith, was asked many times by Americans the difference between terrorism and true Islam.  “Healing the Wounds of September 11, 2001” is a collection of his speeches, writings and poems after the sad event.  It highlights his feeling as an American Muslim.  The book also includes letters of support that he received from other Americans.  One of them is his Catholic friend in Islamic-Catholic dialogue, Sister Mary Margaret Funk, who wrote the forward to the book.  She says “Dr.Athar’s words need our attention, not only if we want to make sense of September 11th, but also be healed of our wounds.  If you are looking for a Muslim view that is balanced, articulate and compelling, this book by Dr. Athar will give voice to that aspiration.”

“Healing the Wounds of September 11, 2001” offers interfaith understanding, respect for diversity and spirituality as means to heal such wounds:  Dr. Saiyyid M. Syeed, an American Muslim leader and Secretary General of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), wrote the introduction to the book.  He calls this book “a jihad against hate and bigotry” and the author “a dedicated warrior who has done a great job in opening the doors of mind and windows of understanding”. The book has 32 easy to read articles and poems.  .  Dr. Athar is the author of 7 other books.

Some Comments Received About This Book

Thank you for sending me a signed copy of your book.  I look forward to reading your unique perspective on the events surrounding September 11th.  I wish you success in your future publications.” Hon. Richard G. Lugar, United States Senator, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs

“I appreciate you sharing with me your thoughts and views of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.  All best wishes to you and your family.” Hon. Joseph E. Kernan, The Governor of Indiana

“I truly appreciate you sharing this book with me. I am thankful for this kind gesture.  I look forward to adding this book to my collection.” Hon Bart Peterson, The Mayor, City of Indianapolis

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending me this book.  It arrived today and I intend to begin reading it this evening.  Thank you, also, for your friendship and your leadership in our ongoing dialogue which I hope will continue on its strong course into the future.” Most Reverend Kevin M. Britt, Bishop of Grand Rapids

“This was a superb piece of manuscript and you certainly deserve accolades for this piece of work.  You have always represented the Islamic people with dignity, honor, time, commitment, and respect.  You have set the standards for many people would like to be the lay ministers in your teachings, percepts and your standard of care to the patient and the community.  On behalf of Wanda and my family, I like to congratulate you on this book.” William K. Nasser, M.D, Founder of Care Group of Cardiologists, President of St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, Author, book "Near to My Heart"

“You have done a great job in speaking for pious American Muslims, to keep American hysteria from getting too far out of hand. There is a fair and just solution to the Palestinian problem, and the “Reconstruction” of Iraq has been completed, most Americans will realize that Islam is a partner, with other world religions, in trying to keep the evils of the world from getting out of hand.  Muslims I have met over the years in Islamic Law Conferences in American Association of Law Schools, Law and Religion section meetings, have struck me as eminently reasonable people, trying to deal with the basic problems of destructive human behavior.” David A. Funk, Professor Emeritus of Law, Indiana University School of Law

“Thank you for writing “Healing the Wounds of Sept. 11, 2001”It is not a “put down” book.  Through it, God will bless your mission for many years, as peoples in all faiths learn that God is God of all.  It is clear that many have found in you a new voice and most hopeful and refreshing one.” George A. Boyle, Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis

“Thanks for the copy of your new book. We recognize many of the piececs from your newspaper writings.  We value the contributions that you have made to the socio humanistic life of our city.  Blessing of Salaam/Shalom from our house to your house.” Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso, Congregation, Beth El Zedeck, Indianapolis

“It seems as if Sept. 11, 2001 only happened yesterday yet so much has changed in this world since that horrific day.  I look forward to reading your book.  It will help me to be a better U.S. Attorney.” Hon. Susan W. Brooks, Unites States Attorney, Southern District of Indiana

“I look forward with great anticipation to reading it.  I appreciate you making my comments to you a part of the publication.  My best wishes to you in the New Year.  May peace be upon us all.” Richard S. Idler, M.D., The Indiana Hand Center

“I read most of it immediately.  It is an excellent review of your efforts and it is good that you were able to put everything together.  These kinds of stories should be told by many of us who have done work of reconciliation on different levels and we should indeed continue doing this work.” Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Former President, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

“It is thought providing and provides insight on many issues that affect us build bridges of understanding amongst American Diaspora.”   Dr. A. S. Nakadar, Editor in Chief of the Muslim Observer

“It is quite timely and the issue needs many books written from the same perspective that you have.  We must act to get Islam out of its present hijackers who out of emotions, frustrations and wrong interpretations, etc. are causing serious damage to its sublime and gentle face.  Actually for us the only course is to communicate in the way God has prescribed.” Faiyaz Ahmed, Islamic Foundation, Leicester, England, U.K.

“I enjoyed very much reading this book.  This is a book I like to read again and again.  Thank you for writing it.  May God bless you for your efforts.  I like to order 10 copies that I can give my friends in California.” Hassan Hathout, MD, PHD., Islamic Scholar and Director Out Reach Islamic Center of Los Angeles, California, Author "Reading the Muslim Mind" (ATP)

“I wanted to write and thank you for sending me your new book regarding your reflections of that tragic day in 2001. I appreciate your perspective and I enjoyed reading the book”. Marc Duerden, M.D., President, Indianapolis Medical Society

“Thank you for the inscribed copy of your book titled Healing the Wounds of Sept. 11, 2001 (Reflections of an American Muslim) and the ISLAM booklet.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I commend you for writing this book that shares the feelings, emotions, and views surrounding the tragic events of September 11, 2001 from an American Muslim’s perspective.  I am confident that it will educate the public about the faith of Islam and provide a better understanding of the religion and culture of American Muslims.  As Governor of Alabama, I recognize the need to celebrate diversity and embrace all religions and cultures who shape our society.  Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.  Best wishes and much success”. Hon, Bob Riley, Governor of the State of Alabama

“Congratulations on your new book on Muslims in America.  You are really blessed and rewarded.  I would like to order more copies.” Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, Islamic House of Wisdom, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

“Healing the Wounds of September 11, 2001”can be viewed and ordered on line ( , or through your local  book stores or by book order hotline at 1-888-280-7716 or by sending a $ 12 check to 8424 Naab Rd suite 2 D.

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