Acts of God?
Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   
Sunday, 19 July 2009 17:33
When innocent people are killed
By suicide bombers
In TWA disaster
In WTC disaster
We call the perpetrators –a terrorist 

When innocent people are killed
By helicopter gun ships
By cruise missiles
By carpet bombing 
By not so smart bombs
We do not call perpetrators- a terrorist 

When innocent people are killed 
In the space shuttle disasters
Columbia and challenger
In hurricanes and earthquakes 
By “ acts of God”
Should we then call God-a terrorist? 

No- No- this is an evil thought
He is Kind and Merciful
Loving and compassionate
Caring and forgiving
He is not a terrorist 

May be- may be , He punishes us
For not calling all terrorists as terrorist
But just Arabs and Muslims-as terrorist
But not Tim McVeigh and Barrukh Goldstein
Nor IRA ,Tamil Tigers and Sharon-as terrorist 

May be He is asking us to be just and act humane
And not try to be giver of life and death
Be humble and forgiving
Dispenser of His Love 
Not of Satanic hate to fellow humans
And not be a terrorist.