Goodbye My Friend
Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   
Friday, 04 September 2009 02:31

My beloved Friend

I waited a year for you

To visit me and

Be with me for a month

---Ramadan, O Ramadan


I was so excited

That you were coming

After one whole year

To be with me

With all your blessings

--Ramadan, O Ramadan

What if,

I had died

Before you came

I would have died

Without meeting you

And in pains but

My eyes still would be open

Waiting for my friend

---Ramadan, O Ramadan

Then you came and

Stayed with me

In the days and

In the Blessed nights

With Al-Furqan

---Ramadan, O Ramadan

I was with you

In Sahoor and Iftaar

In Ishaa and Taraveeh

Reciting Al-Quran

At home and at work

With friends and family

---Ramadan, O Ramadan

Now, that you are leaving

Others are celebrating

That Eid is coming

But I am sad , very sad

My beloved is going

I’ll never let you go

--Ramadan, O Ramadan

Will you comeback again?

Will I be with you again?

Tell me now I don’t know

I will wait for you

-Ramadan, O Ramadan

It is hard to say goodbye

To a dear friend

Who was God sent

With tears in my eyes

I say, Goodbye my friend

---Ramadan, O Ramadan