Meet me at the Door
Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 15:58

When I was a child
I saw a little bird die
It made me very sad
But I did not cry

When I grew up
I became busy with my life
Never thought of death
“I will never die”
I said to myself

Now that I am near the end
Of my long journey
It has dawned to me
It is now time to go

So let me go but do not cry
Just hold my hand
Give me a kiss
But let me go

The death of my body
The cage of my soul
Will free my soul
To live for ever

My heart- the cup of the wine
Of Your Love(1)
Will beat for You
And only You

Since I am from You (2)
And You are Eternal (3)
I will not die
When I die

I am at peace
When with You
In this life
Or the next

Meet me at the Door
Of the Promised Garden (4)
A sinner of Your Love

I can not wait
To be with You
And only You(5)

  • 1.Quran 76:21
  • 2: Min Roohi 15:29.32:9
  • 3. Al- Haiyyu Al- Qayyum
  • 4.Surah Al-Fajr ( 89:27-30)
  • 5. To God we belong to Him is our return
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