Sajood (Prostration)
Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   
Saturday, 27 August 2011 05:32

“ When I prostrated , the earth cried
What are you going to get
From your prayers?
You have so many idols in your heart”
- wrote Mohammad Iqbal the poet

“ It is not the magnitude of my sins
But the magnitude of Allah’s Forgiveness
That amazes me so much”
- said Ali (r) , the Caliph

“The comfort of my eyes
Is in my sajood”
-said Prophet Mohammad(p)

So, I , the sinner
Went down in sajood
To be close to my Beloved
And worship Him
And only Him

Even with all my sins
And all those idols in my heart
I could not stop loving You
How could I?

“My Lord! Forgive me
as You love to forgive
Thus forgive me
O You The Merciful”
- Prayers of  Prophet Mohammad

I seek Your Power, Ya Allah
To destroy these idols from my heart
I am too weak, I submit
There is no god but Allah

In life, You gave me
Freedom like a low flying bird
Make my death be like
Uthman (r) the Caliph , or
Hussain ibn Ali, the shaheed
In sajood to You.

In deed my prayers
My sacrifice, my life
And my death, are only for
Allah, The Sustainer of Worlds

By  Shahid Athar