Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Love and Muslims PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Shahid Athar   
We are in the month of RabiAwwal, the month in which our beloved Prophet was born.  Muslims all over the world will mark the occasion with milad un Nabi. Many years ago, I was invited to attend The Annual Miladun Nabi Conference in Chicago celebrating the birthday of our beloved Prophet (P). The first two conferences I missed, being on-call those weekends.  The conference was organized by Naqshbandi Foundation for Islamic Education.  It was attended by over 300 Muslims.   In between the speeches on the justifications and blessings of Milad there were Nasheed and Qasidah sessions.
On a personal note, in the morning of Friday before leaving for Chicago I was not feeling well.  In fact I was having angina. I told my family that I may not be able to go Chicago nor did I feel well enough to go even to Friday Prayer.  They advised me to take rest at home or go to the hospital of which I did neither.  I asked my son to drive me to the mosque for Friday prayer and in between two khutbahs I said Darood and put my hand on my heart and made a prophetic dua.  The pain started to decrease immediately.  As I started to drive to Chicago, which is 200 miles away, and get closer to it the frequency of angina diminished further without taking any medication.  During the Milad the angina was gone and never has returned since, Alhamdulillah.
The Miladun Nabi is an expression of our love to our Beloved Prophet (saw), the beloved of Allah and the reason for all creation.  Once a Christian scholar asked me “Why do you Muslims love Prophet Muhammad (saw) so much? I told him “It is difficult to explain to you, sir, but let me try” We love him because he showed us how to love our Creator and fellow human beings. Through him we got Quran, the final book of guidance and a cure for all diseases of our heart. He showed us not only how to pray but also how to live, how to eat, how to dress, how to brush our teeth and even how to cleanse ourselves. He showed us how we should deal with our friends and our enemies and how to take care of our neighbors, orphans and families.  He showed us how to make peace and the etiquette of war.  In short he taught us all we needed to know.  We thank Allah (swt) for giving him as a gift, “Indeed Allah has honored the Believers by sending unto them a messenger of their own who recites unto them His revelations and purifies them and teaches them the Scripture and wisdom, although before (him) they were in error manifest.” (3:164)
To follow Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) tradition in our daily life is the condition Allah (swt) put to receive His love and forgiveness. Quran says “Say: (O Muhammad to mankind) If you love Allah then follow me (i.e. Muhammad (saw)), Allah (swt) will love you and forgive your sins.” (3:31)
Therefore love of Prophet (saw) is not just a lip service and need not be expressed with just our naat and nasheed but by our actions of enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong, in giving the message of Islam the religion of peace and surrender to our family, relatives, neighbors and fellow workers, in making our conduct worthy of being the follower of the shining lamp.
Even though there is no record of Prophet Mohammad (saw) celebrating  his or any of his children’s or grand children’s B-Day ,nor any of his companions doing same, , we his followers use this occasion to remind ourselves the gift to Mankind. One thing we do know that Prophet fasted on Mondays saying “I fast on Mondays as I was born on a Monday”.
We send our Salaams to our Prophet (saw) and his family not only out of our love but because Allah (swt) has ordained us to. “Allah and the angels send their blessings to the Prophet (saw), O you who believe (you also) send Allah’s blessing for him.” (33:56). I offer my congratulations to all Muslims on the happy occasion marking the miladun Nabi.