Written by Mahmoud Abu-Saud   

It is rare to meet with a book whose contents reveal the character of its author in such clarity as in this book. Every page reflects a part of the author's deep belief and genuine conviction. If ever I try to compose an expressive picture of Shahid Athar, I would not have been able to draw a better one than that delineated by the words of this book.

The reader will immediately discover that the author, in his humble endeavor, did not intend to write about Islamic jurisprudence or any other Islamic discipline. He is concentrating on the basic factor that exalts the human being, that distinguishes him from a lower species, and that makes him fit to live in a better community. He is after the human being's belief and faith. The only way to achieve this is submission to the Creator.

The approach to the different problems that a person may encounter in the course of attaining such faith are subjective. The author tells us that one cannot acquire "piety" and true faith by means of listening to preachers or even reading books, alone, but that they need to be enhanced through personal experience and individual efforts.

In any given society, if the individual is acting in conformity with a sublime ethical code-a code that is revealed through a Messenger and a Prophet, then one can be ascertained of having a peaceful society of well being. In simple eloquent language, the author indicated the draw-backs of the secular society in which he lives. In earnest logic he cautioned Muslims against the modem American amorality and permissiveness. His courage and sincerity emanating from his deep convictions and wide experience bestow on his writing the beauty and the fortitude that are unique and genuine.