Of September 11, 2001

15. The Light at the End

Many Muslims now believe that they are in a dark tunnel and there is no light at the end and no future for them in the USA.  This is not true.  Americans in general are very caring and compassionate people.  They are also educated and very intelligent.  They know the difference between true Islam and the religion of the terrorists.  Thus, after the September 11th tragedy, while I did get a bomb threat and a couple of hate E-mails like “Now we will nuke Mecca” or “We will use the Quran for toilet paper” or “Go back to the country where you came from”, this is not the rule.  The forces of evil can never overcome the forces of goodness.  For the sake of record, I am enlisting here, the words of support I received through letters, phone calls or E-mail after September 11th, or in appreciation of my writings against terrorism.  I have taken the liberty of mentioning the sources of such messages for the sake of record.  They offer us a ray of hope.  I will not be able to mention all of the letters in detail but for the sake of brevity I will mention a few of the comments.  

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