by Dr. Shahid Athar

Consultations have been made
Declaration has been signed
The trumpet has been blown
The President has spoken
" We are at war-make no mistakes"

But who is the enemy ?
Where is the enemy ?
Is he the wolf in the mountain?
" let us go - get him"
Or is he hiding in our heart?

Is this a war between
Those who blow up planes?
Bring down the tall buildings
And kill civilians and children
To make us all cry?

Or is this a war against
Those who keep their heads up
Spirit high and resolve strong
And keep the dreams alive
Those who give love not hate?

Is this a war between
those who destroy offices
Beautiful families and homes
Mosques, synagogues and churches
And flower gardens too?

Or is this a war against those
Who tie bonds of friendship and love
Among neighbors and faith communities
Then pray for peace
To the lonely and sad God?

Is this a war between
Those who call all Muslims Terrorists
Then terrorize them with
Their tongue, pen and hand
To make them feel low?

Or is this a war against those
Who " love thy neighbor "
Respect Islam and Muslims
Treat them as their own
Defend and protect them?

Is this a war between those
Who call themselves Christians
And those who ARE Christians
Who call themselves Muslims
And those who ARE Muslims?

Between Good and Evil, Love and Hate
The war is on-choose your side
Choose your enemy-choose your friend
I am not your enemy-I am your friend
Choose your weapon -mine is my pen

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