The term Islam is derived from the root Silm which signifies peace - peace with Allah as well as with all the creatures.
Technically speaking, Islam means "full submission to the Will of Almighty God in all walks of Life". Every Muslim must confess and affirm the fact that there is none worthy of worship and obedience except Allah, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his slave and Messenger.
Along with the confession of this basic kalimah, a Muslim has to declare his faith in the angles, in all the prophets, in the revealed scriptures, in the day of judgement, and in taqdir (predestination). In the following pages, some details have been provided for the common readers, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, about the basic principles of Islamic faith.

Belief in Allah:

Belief in Allah is the core of all Islamic teachings. It means that Allah is and He is the most exalted one having no partner at all. He alone and none else is worthy of worship and devotion. He is eternal. He is not subordinate to or dependent on any one else. He has neither given birth to anyone nor has been born of someone. He has no consort nor anyone is equal to Him. He is unique and there is nothing like Him. He is all powerful having command over everything. He has full knowledge of all things and nothing is hidden from His knowledge.

He is the sole Creator of the whole universal system and takes care of each and every entity in the universe. He is the only Lord, Giver of life, Nourisher and Sustainer of all the things. He neither sleeps nor dozes and is never tired of controlling the affairs of the world. All of His qualities are eternal and none of them shall never diminish. Whatever good or bad happens in this world has ever been in His knowledge long before its happening and He lets it happen according to His knowledge. This is called taqdir (destiny or predestination) and there are mysteries in the creation of evils which every one cannot comprehend.

Article Contributed by:
Dr. Hafiz A.Ghaffar Khan
Georgia Islamic Institute of Religious and Social Sciences
P.O.Box 93157
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