The term Islam is derived from the root Silm which signifies peace - peace with Allah as well as with all the creatures.
Technically speaking, Islam means "full submission to the Will of Almighty God in all walks of Life". Every Muslim must confess and affirm the fact that there is none worthy of worship and obedience except Allah, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his slave and Messenger.
Along with the confession of this basic kalimah, a Muslim has to declare his faith in the angles, in all the prophets, in the revealed scriptures, in the day of judgement, and in taqdir (predestination). In the following pages, some details have been provided for the common readers, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, about the basic principles of Islamic faith.

Belief in Day of Judgementr:

Belief in the Hereafter is one of the basic and most important articles of Islamic faith. It is essential for every Muslim to have complete faith in the day of Judgement. It means that a time will come when, by the command of Allah all the living beings including human beings shall die, the entire universe will perish, mountains will fly like cotton flakes, and the stars will disintegrate and fall down, thus every thing will shatter and perish. This process of disintegration will start with the blowing of trumpet by the Angel Israfil.

Its sound will be so frightening and so powerful that its shock will kill every living being and every existing thing will shatter and perish. Again after indefinite period of time, by the command of Allah, Angel Israfil will blow the trumpet for the second time when all things will come to life once again.

The human beings will also come to life and will appear before Allah. All shall be called to account, and good and bad deeds will be paid for. That day is called ,

Yaum al-hashr (the day of gathering and resurrection),

Yaum al-hisab (the day of reckoning),

Yaum al-jaza' and yum al-din (the day of reward and recompense).

That day the righteous people will receive reward for their faith and good deeds and will enter into paradise while the unbelievers and the disobedient will be punished for their kufr (unbelief) and disobedience.

Belief in Taqdir (Predestination)

It is essential for a Muslim to believe in Taqdir. It means that Allah has an estimation and pre-knowledge of everything, good or bad, and He has full and pre-knowledge of his creation even before He brings them into existence. This estimation or pre-knowledge of Allah is known as Taqdir, Fate or destiny.

Article Contributed by:
Dr. Hafiz A.Ghaffar Khan
Georgia Islamic Institute of Religious and Social Sciences
P.O.Box 93157
Atlanta, GA 30377-3157