Glossary of Arabic Terms

Adhan = Call for prayer
Asr = Mid-afternoon, beginning when an object and its shadow are of equal length.
Bismilllah = In the name of Allah
Dua = Words of supplication or praise
Fatihah = The opening chapter of the Quran
Ghusul = Complete ablution or bath
Hajj = Pilgrimage to Makkah
Isha = Nightfall
Jaloos = Sitting position
Maghrib = Sunset
Mudh-dhin = The one who makes the call for prayer (Adhan)
Qiblah = The point towards which one directs himself in prayer, for Muslims, the Kabah in Makkah.
Qiyam = Standing position
Rakah or Rakat = A unit of prayer
Rawatib = Voluntary prayer which were regularly performed by the Prophet
Ruku = In prayer, bowing at the waist
Sajood = Position of prostration
Salah or Salat = Prayer
Salat ala an-nabi = Asking Allah's mercy on the Prophet
Shahadah or Kalima = Declaration of faith
Subhanahu-wa -taala= Glorified and most high
Sunnah = That which prophet practiced or said
Surah = A chapter of the Quran
Taawadh = Asking Allah for protection from satan
Tashahhud = Witnessing
Tasmiah = Mentioning the name of Allah
Thana or Sana = Thanking Allah
Tyammum = Dry ablution
Wudu = Ablution
Witr = The last (Sunnah) prayer of the night consisting of odd numbers of rakats.
Zakat = Alms
Zuhr = Noon