This booklet is published to guide and help Muslim Brothers and Sisters, who have accepted ISLAM , after uttering "The Shahadah ," declaration of faith, or Kalima, to learn the glorious principle of Praying five times a day.

By uttering "The Shahadah" , a Muslim confirms his or her faith in the Oneness of God and declare his or her total submission to His Commandments, as revealed to His Last Prophet, Muhammad, Peace be upon him. Shahadah is the first of the Five Fundamental Principles of Islam.

Next in importance is the principle of Praying five times daily in a prescribed manner, called "Salat" (also called Namaz in Urdu & Persian). The other three principles of Islam being,

In the performance of Salat, all the prayers have to be said in Arabic, which includes recitation of short verses "surah" of the Holy Quran.
Therefore it becomes essential to start learning the prayer in arabic with the correct pronounciation , so that Salat can be performed in the proper manner. A seperate chapter details the prescribed manner for Women , which differs slightly.

This booklet is by no means an elaborate book on Salat, futher reading is recommended to study the Salah under other conditions, such as travel, sickness etc.