Prayer Times & Rakats


There are five obligatory prayers in a day. Each Salat must be offered at or during its proper time.The Muslim should make a serious effort to pray each prayer at the beginning of its period.

  1. The Morning Prayer (SALAT-UL-FAJR)
    It can be performed at any time between the breaking of the dawn till just before sunrise.

  2. The Noon Prayer (SALAT-UL-ZUHR)
    Its time begins after the sun declines from its zenith until it is about mid-afternoon.

  3. The Afternoon Prayer (SALAT-UL-ASR)
    Its time begins soon after the time for Zuhr prayer ends and extends to just before sunset.

  4. The Evening Prayer (SALAT-UL-MAGHRIB)
    Its time begins just after sunset and extends to a period of an hour and a half.

  5. The Night Prayer (SALAT-UL-ISHA)
    Its time begins about an hour and a half after sunset and extends to dawn.


A RAKAT is a unit or section of the prayer.

  1. The OBLIGATORY prayer (Fard):

    Name of Salat         Number of Rakats                       Method of reading                          
    Fajr                         2                                   Said loud
    Zuhr                         4                                   Said silent
    Asr                          4                                   Said silent
    Maghrib                      3                                   First 2 loud, last rakat silent
    Isha                         4                                   First 2 loud, last 2 silent

  2. The NON-OBLIGATORY prayer (Sunnah):

    Name of Salat         Number of Rakats                       Number of Rakats                             
                              before Fard                           after Fard
    Fajr                         2                                   -
    Zuhr                         4                                   2
    Asr                         (4)*                                 -
    Maghrib                      -                                   2
    Isha                         -                                   2

    The Prophet (pbuh) used to pray a certain number of rakats, before and/or after every obligatory prayer. These prayers are highly recommended by the Prophet, yet they are not obligatory, they are termed (as-soonan ar-rawatib) which means "regular Sunnah prayers".

    * Most ahadith confirm atotal of 10-12 rakats, while these four before Asr, are not as strongly confirmed.

  3. WITR prayer

    It is the last prayer of the night and can be performed any time after the Isha prayer.It was strongly recommended by the Prophet (pbuh).
    Witr literally means an odd number and is commonly prayed as three rakats, but can also be done in one, five, seven or nine rakats.