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104. The Gossipmonger

THESE 9 EARLY Meccan verses were revealed after Resurrection 75 and before [Winds] Sent Forth 77. As its name implies, the chapter deals with slander of the Prophet, which hurt him deeply. The punishment predicted is dire, yet natural. and to be expected.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!

* How awful [will it be]
for every backbiting slanderer
* who hoards wealth and keeps on adding to it!
* He reckons that his money
will make him immortal.
* Nevertheless he will be flung
into the Bonecrusher!

** What will make you realize
what the Bonecrusher is?
* [It is] God's kindled fire which leaps up
to clutch at one's vitals.
* It will be vaulted over them
* in outstretched columns.


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .