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61. Battle Array

THIS TWO-SECTION chapter is arranged in 14 verses which date from Madina. It was revealed after Haggling 64 and before the next one on Friday (OR Congregation) 62.

The chapter begins with the refrain: "Whatever is in Heaven/and whatever is on Earth/celebrates God...", the same refrain as with Iron 57 and Banishment 59, four and two chapters preceding, and in the one immediately following, Friday (OR Congregation) 62. It also contains the famous prediction by Jesus that another messenger would follow him. The shorter chapters in the Quran begin here.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!

(1)* Whatever is in Heaven
and whatever is on Earth
celebrates God. He is
the Powerful, the Wise!

* You who believe, why do you preach something you are not practising? * God feels a strong distaste for you to preach something you do not practise. * God loves those who fight for His sake in [battle] ranks as if they were a solid structure.

** Thus Moses told his folk: "My folk, why do you annoy me? You know I am God's messenger to you." When they wavered, God let their hearts waver too; God does not guide immoral folk.

A New Messenger Predicted in the Gospel

* So Jesus the son of Mary said: "Children of Israel, I am God's messenger to you, confirming whatever came before me in the Testament and announcing a messenger coming after me whose name will be Ahmad." Yet when he brought them explanations, they said: "This is sheer magic!"

The Pagans

* Who is more in the wrong than someone who invents a lie about God while he is being invited to [embrace] Islam? God does not guide such wrongdoing folk. * They want to blow God's light out with their mouths while He is Perfecting His light no matter how disbelievers may dislike it. * He is the One Who has sent His messenger with guidance and the True Religion, so He may have it prevail over every other religion no matter how those who associate [others with God] may hate it.

The Spiritual Struggle

(ii)** You who believe, shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from painful torment? * You should believe in God and His messenger, and strive in God's way with your property and your persons; that will be better for you if you only knew. * He will forgive you your offences and show you into gardens through which rivers flow, and wholesome dwellings in the gardens of Eden. That will be the supreme Achievement! * And something else you will love to have: support from God and a victory close at hand. Proclaim such to believers!

* You who believe, act as God's supporters just as Jesus the son of Mary told the disciples: "Who will be my supporters [along the way] towards God?" The disciples said: "We are God's supporters." A faction from the Children of Israel believed, while another faction disbelieved. We assisted the ones who believed against their enemy, till they held the upper hand.


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving.