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69. Reality

THESE 52 EARLY Meccan verses were revealed after Control 67 and before Staircases Upward 70, the next chapter in sequence. The apocalyptic vision is superb and now becoming clearer, for this chapter offers us a vivid idea of how the Last Trumpet will sound on Judgment Day. It also talks about the ancient peoples of Arabia called Thamud and Ad, as well as about Pharaoh and Noah.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!

(i) * Reality!
* What is reality?
* What will make you recognize
what reality is like?

Thamud and Ad

* Thamud and Ad denied [they would face] disaster. ** As for Thamud, they were wiped out by the Thunderbolt. * As for Ad, they were wiped out by a furiously howling gale. * He loosed it on them for seven grueling nights and eight days. You would see folk collapsing in it as if they were hollow palm trunks. * Do you see any survivors from them?


* Pharaoh came, as well as those before him, and the places

Overthrown through [their own] misdeeds; ** they defied their Lord's messenger, so He seized them with a tightening grip. * When the water overflowed, We loaded you on the vessel,


* so We might set it up as a Reminder for you and so (your) attentive ears might retain it.

The Last Trumpet

* When a single blast is blown on the Trumpet * and the earth is lifted up along with the mountains and they are both flattened by a single blow, ** the Event will take place on that day! * The sky will split open and seem flimsy that day; * while angels [will stand] along its edges. Eight [in all] will bear your Lord's throne above them on that day.

The Final Judgement

* On that day you will (all) be arraigned; no secret of yours will remain hidden. * Anyone who is given his book in his right hand will say:"Here, read my book! ** I always thought I would face my reckoning!" * He will be in pleasant living * in a lofty garden * whose clusters [of fruit] will hang within easy reach. * "Eat and drink to your heart's content because of what you sent on ahead in bygone days." ** However anyone who is given his book in his left hand will say: "It's too bad for me; if only my book had not been given me, * I would not have known my reckoning! * If it had only been the Sentence [once and for all]! * My money has not helped me out; * my authority has been wiped out on me."

** "Take him off and handcuff him! * Then let Hades roast him! * Then padlock him to a chain gang seventy yards long. * He did not believe in God Almighty * nor ever urge [others) to feed the needy. ** He has no close friend here today, * nor any food except for some garbage * which only sinners eat."

(ii) * Yet I swear by whatever you observe * and what you do not observe, ** that it is a statement [made] by a noble messenger. * It is no poet's statement; how little do you believe! * Nor is it some fortune teller's statement; how little do you think things over! * [It is] something sent down by the Lord of the Universe.

* If he had mouthed some [false] statements about Us, ** We would have seized him by the right hand; * then cut off his main artery. * Not one of you would have prevented it!

* We know too that some of you will reject it.
** It means despair for disbelievers;
* yet it is the absolute Truth!
* So hymn your Lord's almighty name!


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .