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84. Splitting Open

THESE 25 EARLY Meccan verses were revealed after Bursting Apart 82 Tand before The [East] Romans 30. This is one of the earlier pictures of Doomsday, but the message is not esoteric or hidden. The language in fact is clear and simple even for an apocalyptic vision.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful !


* When the sky will split open
* and listen to its Lord as it ought to,
* suddenly the earth will flatten out,
* and throw up whatever it contains,
and fall back empty; ** and (also) listen
to its Lord as it ought to!

* Everyman, you are toiling constantly for your Lord, and you will meet Him! * Anyone who is given his book in his right hand * will be called to account with an easy reckoning, * and return joyfully to his family; ** while anyone who is given his book behind his back * will appeal to be blotted out * and will roast in the Blaze.

* He used to be happy with his own people; * he supposed he would never revert [to God]. ** Nevertheless his Lord had stiu been Observing him!

* So I swear by the gloaming,
* and night and whatever it enshrouds,
* and the moon when it blossoms full,
* you shall ride along stage by stage.

BOW DOWN HERE (Except in Authority)

** What is wrong with them that they do not believe? * When the Quran is read to them, why do they not bow down on their knees? * Instead, those who disbelieve keep on rejecting * while God is quite Aware of how they are holding back.

* Give them news of painful torment, ** except for those who believe and perform honorable deeds; they will have payment which will never be withheld.


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .