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87. Glory to Your Lord
in the Highest

THESE 19 EARLY Meccan verses form the chapter following Extinguished! (OR Wrapping Things Up) 81 and preceding Night 92. It forms a long doxology or hymn in praise of the Deity; reading it over or attending its recital bears a handsome reward.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful !

* Glorify the name of your Lord,
the All-Highest,
* Who has created and fashioned,
* Who has proportioned and guided,
* Who brings forth pasturage,
** then turns it into weather-beaten stubble.

* We shall make you recite,
so do not forget [anything]
* except whatever God may wish;
He knows the obvious and what is hidden.
* We will make it easy for you
to take the easy way, * so remind [men],
if reminding will benefit [anyone].

** Anyone who feels afraid will be reminded * while the unluckiest, * the one who will roast in the greatest Fire, shunts it aside; * then he will neither die in it, nor yet live there.

* Anyone who purifies himself,
** mentions his Lord's name
and prays, will prosper.
* Instead you prefer worldly life
* whereas the Hereafter is better
and more enduring. * This has been [written]
on the earliest scrolls,
* the scriptures of Abraham and Moses.


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .