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91. The Sun

THIS CHAPTER Of 15 early Meccan verses was revealed after Power 97 and before Constellations 85. The chapters are becoming increasingly lyric at this point, and the poetic mood in this message is carried along by a continuous and pronounced rhyme in the Arabic.

This chapter deals with Salih or Methusaleh, the messenger who was sent to the early Arabian nation of Thamud, and the punishment which the latter people received. It brings out the fact that most persons must strive hard in order to remain pure.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!

* By the Sun and its radiancc,
* and the moon as it trails after it,
* and daylight which shines resplendent from it,
* and night when it covers things up,
** and the sky and whatever built it,
* and the earth and what has stretched it out,
* and any soul and whatever has fashioned it
* and filled it with both its debauchery
and its sense of duty!

* Anyone who purifies himself will prosper
** while whoever neglects to do so will be disappointed.

Thamud's Camel

* Thamud rejected it through their arrogance
* when their meanest wretch was delegated
* and God's messenger told them:
"[Here is) God's she-camel; give her
its day to drink."

* They rejected him and mistreated her,
so their Lord snarled at them
because of their offence
and levelled things off.
** He does not fear its outcome!


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .