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99. The Earthquake

THESE 8 EARLY Meccan (OR possibly Madinese) verses were revealed after Women 4, about the same time as The Stunning [Blow] 101 and Eventide 103 but before Iron 57. One should also SEE 22:(i) about this earthquake which will announce Doomsday, and 7:(x) for how this happened with Thamud. The apocalyptic mood is conveyed through the use of assonance.

In the name of God, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful!

* When earth is shaken
in her [final) quaking,
*and earth throws forth her burdens,
*and everyman says: "What is [happening] to her?"

* on that day she will report her news
** which your Lord has inspired her with.
* On that day men will appear in droves
to be shown their actions;

* and whoever has done an atoms's weight
of good will see it; while whoever
has done an atom's weight of evil
will see it.


Published with authorization from Dr.T.B.Irving .