Reflections of an American Muslim

(Shahid Athar , M. D.)


Part I: Social Concerns

  1. The Agonies of a Muslim Living in a Non-Muslim Society
  2. Obstacles to the Cohesion of Muslim Unity
  3. Social Concerns of Muslims in North America
  4. Marital Relations and Mutual Rights in Islam
  5. Influencing the Behavior of Muslim Youth and their Parents
  6. Frustrations of a Muslim After Visiting a Muslim Country
  7. The Lawful and the Prohibited: Our Need, Our Obsession

Part II: Educational Concerns

  1. On the Subject of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Education
  2. Secularization of Higher Education: An Islamic Perspective
  3. Blueprints for Efficiency and Excellence for Muslims
  4. Guidelines for Islamic Study Circles

Part III: Political Concerns

  1. The Crisis in the Muslim World and the Response of American Muslims
  2. Reflections on the Gulf War
  3. Mixing Religion and Politics in Islam
  4. Reflections on Bosnia and the Holocaust
  5. Violations of Human Rights by the West and Their Clients in Muslim Countries
  6. Reflections on the Eurocentric View of History
  7. The Fallout from the Cairo Population Conference

Part IV: Islamic Missionary Work

  1. Common Misconceptions About Islam
  2. Invitation to al-Islam
  3. What is required of us as Muslims?
  4. Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Can they peacefully co-exist together?
  5. Malcolm X: The Prince of Islam in North America
  6. Taking Islam and Muslims Out of the Close: Practical Guidelines
  7. Why Islam: Islam vs. Secular Humanism

Part V: Islamic Beliefs

  1. Peace Through Submission

  2. Practicing Piety
  3. Love and Unity for the Sake of God
  4. Who controls our destiny?
  5. Lying: A Disease of the Heart
  6. The Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad: Confirmation of the Main Points from the Quran
  7. Redefining Islamic Concepts: An Agenda for Muslims of North America
  8. Some Common Misconceptions About Shi'ism
  9. The Future of Islam in North America