Reflections of an American Muslim

(Shahid Athar , M. D.)

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Saddam Hussain's Scud missiles were more of a nuisance, but their debris falling from their explosions in the air was more damaging. In the same way, the population conference which just ended on September 13, has fallout which may be endangering the whole of mankind, especially those in the Third World, for centuries. If the conference itself was just for discussion, there is no problem. However, it has binding resolutions on which $34 billion will be spent in the next five years to implement its resolutions.

Economic sanctions may be applied on the reluctant Third World countries hopelessly dependent on aid from the USA. and the World Bank. The initial draft resolutions were nothing but a blueprint for the imposition of "condom culture" on the Third World in order to control the population of Muslims, Catholics and other Third World nations. In the words of the Bishop of England, "This is imperialism of the first world over the Third World. The use of the United Nations to impose the new world order on the Third World is deplorable."

The United Nations, traditionally known as a peacemaker, not being able to achieve peace anywhere, has franchised into other ventures now. The Quran, the Muslim holy book, knowing the real intent of these peacemakers, has said, "They call themselves peacemakers, but indeed they are mischief-makers but they perceive it nor" (2:10). Then Quran instructs mankind, "Do not cause mischief on earth after it has been set in order" (7:56).

Although the conference was labeled as a population and development conference, eighty percent of the discussion was on population control only. The same conference held in 1974 and 1984 did not use the word abortion at all.

The United States played a big role, being the condom culture czar, and using the United Nations as its agent. Thus, in March, 1994, when the US. State Department instructed all US embassies to tell their host govemments, "The United States believes that the access to safe, legal and voluntary abortion is a fundamental right of all women,"it produced a huge outcry.

This fundamental human right of all women is only in the United States and nowhere else ? This is a result of pro-abortion lobby pressure on the US Government. Similarly, in the draft resolution, the inclusion of the word "other unions," next to marriage, was due to pressure from homosexuals and lesbians who recently forced Health Secretary Janet Reno to allow homosexuals to migrate to this country as political refugees seeking asylum if they are persecuted in their own country, as if we have a shortage of homosexuals and AIDS in our country, and we need to import more.

Let us discuss this "real threat" of the population explosion. Two hundred years ago, Malthus predicted that our population growth would be so much that there would be a shortage of food. Then Paul Ehrlich wrote a book, The Population Bomb, which is nothing but a masterpiece of propaganda. Many of its predictions have been disproved. The birth rates are actually going down in many areas of the world, both in industrial and in non-industrial countries. Producers of toys, diapers and baby clothes across the United States are diversifying in other fields.

Even if we believe that the world's population in the next thirty years will increase from 5.7 billion presently to 14 billion, that would equal 269 persons per square mile. However, currently, there are 1,140 persons per square mile in the Netherlands, and 848 persons per square mile in Japan. No one is talking about population control in these two countries by using condoms and abortion.

Why are they obsessed with controlling the Third World's population? In a recently declassified US National Security Council document entitled "National Security-Study Memorandum 200" by Henry Kissinger, dated December 10, 1974, the implications of worldwide population growth for US security and overseas claimed that the Third World population growth represented a threat to US national security. There were thirteen key countries that worried him most, and included were Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh and Turkey, which constitute a Muslim population of half a billion.

Before him, a US State Department official, Thomas Ferguson, said that population is a political problem, and either they do it "our way, through nice and clean methods, or they will get into the kind of mess we have in El Salvador, in Iran or in Beirut." However, this idea of controlling the Third World population even has the philosophical backing from eurocentric philosophers. Several decades earlier, Bertrand Russell said,"The white population of the world will soon cease to grow. The Asiatic races will live longer. The Negroes will live still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their number stable without the help of war and pestilence. The less prolific races will have to defend themselves by methods which are disgusting, even if they are necessary.""

Wherever the population control programs have been "successfully installed" under United Nations supervision, it has caused problems. For example, in Indonesia, the birth rate has dropped. However, several women's groups there and in this country denounced their tactics as using excessive social pressure in a repressive manner. Betsy Hartman, Director of Population Studies at Hampshire College, says that the success of the Indonesian program is due to lack of contraceptive choice, authoritarian and pressure tactics, and disregard for women's health.

Let's go to China, where the one-child-per-couple program was successfully implemented. Before the program, the ratio of women to men was nearly equal. Now, since couples are allowed to have only one child, they do gender selection using ultrasound techniques to abort the female child and have only males. Thus, the ratio of men to women is three to one now. Where are these Chinese men going to find women to continue their families in the future?

So the real problem is not current or future overpopulation as much as a problem with mal-distribution, overconsumption and underutilization of much-needed resources. This year the industrialized nations, one-fifth of the world's population, produced nine tenths of all the chlorofluorocarbons, the by-product of all industries which causes pollution and breaks the ozone layer, doing it at the cost of pollution in their own countries as well as in the Third World countries.

The same "promoters of peace and development in the world" are also the sell arms traders, the merchants of death for the Third World. The United States justifiably does not want North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Libya and Iraq to have nuclear and chemical weapons, but is it prepared to give up some of its own arsenal of weapons of mass destruction? Or have any of the defense producers in the world decreased their exports of conventional weapons to the Third World? No.

Now let us discuss the modus operandi, or the goals of the population conference. In Islam we call it "ways of Satan." The first is universally compulsory sex education. The only two goals of sex education in this country are to prevent teenage pregnancy and to prevent sexually transmitted disease including AIDS. For this they recommended under the umbrella of "reproductive health," that everyone, youth or adult, should have access to condoms and other contraceptive devices. Seventeen billion dollars will be spent to promote this in the next few years, insuring the governments provide "superior quality condoms" to everyone including in the schools and workplaces. But these superior quality condoms have not been able to decrease in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases or teenage pregnancy of AIDS in this country. How can they do it in the Third World?

The reasons they have failed are three: I.The AIDS virus is one-third the size of a sperm; therefore, it is permeable . 2.They are expensive and should be used only one time for each act. 3. It takes away the sexual pleasure; therefore, people do not use it as often as they should be using it. However, this emphasis on condom culture will continue, and I would not be surprised if fifteen years from now, my grandchildren would be taught in the alphabet, "C" for condom and "P" for pills.

Their second goal was to undermine the institution of marriage. They wanted women to "delay marriage while continuing to use other methods of contraception while enjoying sex." At the same time, they would encourage women to come out of their houses and compete with men in all the jobs outside. According to them, it is demeaning for women to serve food to their children and their husbands, but to serve food as a waitress in a hotel or as an air hostess for an airline, wearing a miniskirt, is their "empowerment."

Unfortunately, many men, including in this country, will continue to enslave women despite UN. resolutions. The working American women, when they come home, they still have to prepare meals, still have to do the laundry, and still have to do the shopping, while men watch basketball games and drink beer.

Even in this conference of enslavement of women, under the code name of empowerment, heads of the delegations, except for two, were men, and most of the speakers were also men who were telling women not to have families or children but to be available for sex only. Another aim of the conference was to destroy family values which help the Muslims survive. They planned to do this by taking over the rights of the parents from their teenagers by allowing teenagers to have free access to condoms, pills and abortions without the consent or knowledge of their parents.

In the USA., a teenage girl cannot have aspirin from a school nurse without the written approval of the parents, but she can go to an abortion clinic and have an abortion done without the parents' knowledge. Which is more dangerous, aspirin or abortion? At the same time, they ask parents to be financially responsible for their grandchildren born to teenage mothers The breakdown of the family structure and single-parent family is the most serious social problem in the United States, so it wishes the same mess it is for the rest of the world.

Another aim of the conference was to use abortion as a fertility-regulating agent. The Third World countries will be instructed to have abortions safe and free, available to all those who seek it, or otherwise face sanctions. Their compliance could be strictly monitored and enforced. Mubarak and Bhutto might be told that if you do want US aid, then you have to buy a billion dollars worth of "super-quality condoms" from the USA and the First World, and perform so many abortions per year in your country. The United Nations' supervised genocide in Bosnia and worldwide on fetuses, may have a common goal "to control the population of Muslims.""


The final draft adopted after intense opposition from the Vatican, Latin American countries and Muslims did modify the initial resolution in language. A clause was inserted saying, "Implementation of the document should be consistent with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds." The words "marriage and other unions" were changed to "families in various forms." The words "sexual rights" were removed but "reproductive rights of couples and individuals" kept."

After five days of intense negotiation, the Catholics won greater emphasis for passage saying, "Abortion should not be promoted as a means of family planning." The right of migrant family reunification was changed to "the vital importance of family reunification." Emphasis on "empowerment of women" and prohibition of female circumcision stayed in the draft.

What should be our future plans of action? We thank the UN officials who said "fundamentalist Muslims" have collaborated with the Vatican in opposing the population conference. We pray that this understanding between people of faith will continue to prosper to oppose the satanic designs. Muslims and people of faith elsewhere have an obligation to meet this challenge by disseminating the information and educating their own people. They must fight together, arm in arm, against secular immorality and liberal imperialism being imposed on the Third World.

They must develop their own resources and economic growth and not allow the opportunistic, former colonial powers to rob them of their natural resources, or rule their destiny. American people should tell the Clinton administration that it does not need to fight the population of the Third World, but the population and power of the liberal lobby of the coalition of homosexuals and pro-abortion groups.